Angelo Villani plays Dante’s Inferno. The debut album.

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Recorded in 2015 to celebrate Dante Alighieri’s 750th birth anniversary, Villani’s CD immediately received the highest praise from critics and music lovers across the globe.








…. it’s in the quieter passages that Villani works his magic most effectively” — Andy Gill, The Independent

Tokusen-ban (Specially recommended album) “Played as if the music gushes out of a fountain… It is rare to encounter this level of performance”—- Tsutomu Nasuda, The Record Geijutsu

….he lifts Liszt’s already searing rhetoric to another level, bearing down with a ferocious intensity…..Finely recorded, this is glorious thrown-back playing with a vengeance” — Bryce Morrison, The International Piano

“It’s a breathtaking musical journey through Dante’s Inferno” — Jessica Duchen, author & classical music journalist

CD track listing

Franz Liszt/Villani
Après une Lecture du Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata (‘Dante Sonata’)

from Années de Pèlerinage II, S.161 (18:39)

Henry Purcell Dido’s Lament from the opera Dido and Aeneas (arr. by A. Villani)
(Premiere Recording) (3:59)

Hans von Bulow-Franz Liszt Dante’s Sonnet “Tanto gentile e tanto onesta”
S.479 (arr. by A. Villani) (8:23)

Franz Liszt
Sunt Lacrimae Rerum (En Mode Hongrois)
from Années de Pèlerinage III, S.163 (9:03)

Richard Wagner/Hans von Bulow/Franz Liszt/Angelo Villani

Tristan Fantasy
Concert etude paraphrase on the opera Tristan und Isolde (Premiere Recording) (14:03)